Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cypress Dust Witch available to stream on Myspace.

Check out our Myspace page to hear the second track from our new EP - Cypress Dust Witch.

Vinyl & CDEP are shipping out next week from Excursions Into The Abyss!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fire Song up on Facebook & Myspace!

An excerpt from the first track of the new Portraits of Past EP - Cypress Dust Witch is now available to preview on our Myspace page and our Facebook page. The song is called "Fire Song," and we played it for the first time in July 2008 at our first reunion show in San Francisco. We hope you like it.

Our new EP is coming out this month on Excursions Into The Abyss on both CD and 12" vinyl.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cypress Dust Witch - Art, Release and Distribution Info

Cypress Dust Witch cover
The new Portraits of Past EP - Cypress Dust Witch - will be released on 10.20.09 by Excursions Into The Abyss domestically in the US and as and import across the world. The cover appears on the right.
It will be available on high-quality 45rpm 12" vinyl and 5" CD. A digital release will be available in the coming months. Preorder the vinyl and CD here.

[excursions into the abyss]
[excs 14]
Portraits of Past Cypress Dust Witch 12" / CDep
release date: 10.20.09

initial run: approximately 2000 lps on black - 100 on swirled color
1000 CD's (exact numbers will be released after 10.20.09)
Vinyl pressed at Brooklyn
Inserts printed by Rex Shelverton
Covers printed by Imprint

Engineered and Produced by Rex Shelverton
Mastered By Mike Wells Mastering

::Track Listing::
1. Fire Song

2. Cypress Dust Witch
3. Through to an End

4. Cypress Dust Witch II - Bridge

Distribution & Shop info (this is incomplete and growing)
Distributed by:
United States: Ebullition, Stickfigure, Robotic Empire, Insound, Vinyl Junkie

X-Mist, Bis Aufs Messer
, Too Cool To Dance, Yama Dori

Available in stores:
Academy (Brooklyn, NY), TD's (Bloomington, IN)

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Portraits of Past - Images of Japan

The Portraits of Past 11-date tour of Japan in September 2009 was a whirlwind. Without any days off, we slept little and drove nights to venues across Japan to play with some of the hottest contemporary bands of the Japanese underground.

Please check out Matthew's visual interpretation of the trip on Flickr.

The snapshots on this page were taken by Jonah.

Portraits of Past Cypress Dust Witch EP - released in Japan

We just got back from an 11-date tour of Japan in support of the Japan domestic release of our new EP - Cypress Dust Witch - on Cosmic Note Records.

The CD was sold to fans at our shows, but is still making its way to distros and shops. The mighty Disk Union of Tokyo already has it up for sale.

This is a CD-only (digipack) release in Japan. Art is nearly identical to the US release.

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