Latest updated itinerary for Portraits of Past Japan Tour - September 2009

Our great friend Uuchu is keeping us informed:

17th (thu) ; show @ FLAT, Nishiogikubo Tokyo.

with blue ray dance.

18th (fri) ; show @ RinkyDinkStudio2nd8st, Hachioji Tokyo
with angel o.d., threadyarn

19th (sat) ; show @ ALIVE, Kashiwa, Chiba
with envy, kamomekamome

20th (sun) ; show @ ZAO Hotsprings Ski Resort, Yamagata Yamagata
portraits of past, envy, endzweck, whateverfilm, shift, deepslaughter, fluid, yols in the sky, aie, metroid, meltbanana, the act we act, forget me not, sora, lite, balloons, lostage, discharmingman, killie, akutagawa, tg.atlas

21th (mon) ; show @ MACANA, Sendai, Miyagi
with envy, spike shoes, total fury, and 1 band

22th (tue) ; show @ GARDEN, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
with envy, z, heaven in her arms

23th (wed) ; show @ WHOOPEE'S, Kyoto, Kyoto
with envy, endzweck, toast, theorem

24th (thu) ; show @ BLUEPORT, Kobe, Hyogo
with forget me not, herlens, zdzis law, l!ef

25th (fri) ; show @ HUCKFINN, Nagoya, Aichi
with black ganion, gang up on against, dancebeach

26th (sat) ; show @ MOLE, Sapporo, Hokkaido
with endzweck, the sun, bored to death, evylock, chaotix

27th (sun) ; show @ ERA, Shimokitazawa
with endzweck, akutagawa, heaven in her arms, killie, deepslaughter
let's have party after show.
Rob P